Why You Need To Stop Killing Time(2020)

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Stop Killing Time! When you kill time, you are killing your opportunities to do more and be more. Successful people make the most of each hour of every day, using every moment to their advantage. Learn to get a handle on what is distracting you from accomplishing your tasks each day.

Time management is a choice, how you decide to spend your time is very much up to your own discretion. Killing time may work for a few minutes, but it adds up when things need to get done. 

You can increase your productivity and move closer toward your goals just by managing what you are doing and when you are doing it.

Why Do We Kill Time?

Why You Need To Stop Killing Time
  1. We are pleasure driven beings. So we spend time on useless little things that give us temporary pleasures.
  2. We are stuck in some useless thought cycle and mind chatters.

Let’s dive into my 6 cutting edge strategies to stop killing time, and be more productive.

Stop Killing Time ## Make a to-do list

Why You Need To Stop Killing   Time

A to-do-list is a must-have tool to stay organized and get things done.

The act of writing down your tasks, will help to remain clarity, and focus, which are the main components to stay on track for the longest period of time.

Tomorrow never comes! Tackle it now.

Why You Need To Stop Killing   Time

Procrastination is a killer of all things; don’t be fooled by putting something off until you feel like it or think there is a better time to finish up. The time is now, not later.

Forget the non-essentials, your time robbers, and FOCUS!! Know what is important and why. Make your list with action steps and stick to it. Create task reminders. Use whatever system works for you, but use a system.

Stop Killing Time ## Deal with distractions

Why You Need To Stop Killing   Time

What’s killing your time, is you not ability to deal with distractions, especially with the arising of social media.

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The first distractor is your mobile phone. I’m not saying that you need to get rid of it, but use it on your advantages to fulfill your goals.


There are countless of apps out there, that will help to block certain tasks for a period of time to stay fully focused and attentive.


The organization enhances your time management and productivity. If you have to consistently search for documents, you are wasting your valuable time. File documents, emails, bookmark websites, make lists of your logins, and remember everything has a place to keep it there. The more time you spend searching for things, the more time you lose.

You can learn to be more efficient in your time management which will in turn fire up your productivity.

Stop Killing Time ## Measure your progress

Progress is the best motivating factor to reach your aims.

How can you keep showing up, if you don’t see any progress along the process?

Our brain is moved by pleasure. When you notice any growth, and development, from what you’re doing, it motivates you to stay on the line and keep pushing.

Stop Killing Time!

When you kill time, you are killing your opportunities to do more and be more.

Successful people make the most of each hour of every day, using every moment to their advantage.

Did I Miss Anything?

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